Next Meeting

Monday 18th September, 7.30 pm
at Hugh & Rosemary's home

We are pleased to be able to say that, for a couple of months at least, we are back to are usual '3rd Monday in the month' routine.
We are hoping those of us who were at this year's annual conference will begin the meeting by reporting back on our experience. One of the highlights was a chance to get a first look at "Sea of Faith: The Quest Goes On" a short film about the Sea of Faith today made by the producer of the original BBC series, Peter Armstrong. He filmed Don Cupitt and SOF members talking about the movement, mostly at last year's conference, and has interspersed the interviews with passages from the 1980s film. Peter us allowing us to show the film - for our private use only - and I will bring a copy with me. I think you find it interesting, stimulating and even moving.
We should devote some time to planning our programme for the next few months. If there is anything you would like to discuss, any book or article that you would like to share . . .  Occasionally we have found it useful to revisit subjects that we have talked about before. It can intriguing to see how our thinking has developed.